Don’t delay if you want dental implants

16th January, 2018

If you have just lost a tooth or two, or expect to lose a good few teeth over the next few years, you are probably thinking about having dental implants in Manchester. After all, this is the only way you can get back the full functionality of your teeth and avoid the hassle and discomfort of other methods of tooth replacement.

At Smylife, in Manchester, dental implant surgery is less complex if they are inserted as soon as possible after tooth loss, and there’s a good reason why. Let’s have a chat about your jawbone.

Dental Implants in ManchesterUse it or lose it

Bones know if they are being used or not. Or at least, they think they know. Jawbones rely on the vibrations that come down through the tooth roots whenever the upper and lower jaws come together. These vibrations tell the bone cells to renew themselves.

So, whenever you lose a tooth and that signalling stops in the area of bone where the tooth root used to be, it’s not very long at all before the bone understands that it is no longer in use. And when that happens, it actively starts to dissolve itself. This process is called resorption and it’s an efficient way of redistributing nutrients around the body when a bone is no longer in use. The jawbone can shrink and lose density by up to 25% in the first year alone after tooth loss.

Why dental implants in Manchester need jawbones

The beauty of dental implants in Manchester is that they replace the whole tooth, root and crown, but they need a good strong jawbone to embed into. Once the implant is in place, the jawbone needs to integrate with it by growing new bone tissue and blood vessels all over the surface of it.

If needs be, we can rebuild the jawbone with dental implants, or you may be able to have extra-long implants embedded into your cheek bones, but it is far better to get your implants put in as soon as possible after tooth loss.

Once you have your dental implants in Manchester, as long as you take good care of them, they could last you for the rest of your life.

A beautiful smile can change your life

11th January, 2018

For many people, a trip to the dentist in Manchester is no longer merely a matter of maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums, it is also very much about making sure they look as good as they can. Just as people visit the hairdresser or beautician, people are increasingly realising that the cosmetic dentist in Manchester can help them make long-term improvements to their appearance through enhancing alterations to their teeth and gums. And because your smile is one of the first and most important things that people notice about you, investing in an upgrade can have life-changing effects.

Cosmetic Dentist in ManchesterWhen you come to see us at Smylife, we can help you find out more about our contemporary treatments, and choose which ones are right for your needs. Our cosmetic dentist in Manchester also uses modern equipment in a stylish and relaxed clinic.

Maybe you have decided it’s time to get rid of those ugly old mercury amalgam fillings that show up dark grey every time you laugh. The cosmetic dentist in Manchester can replace them all with white fillings. They can use inlays or onlays for larger fillings at the back of your mouth, as they are better for withstanding the forces of chewing.

Perhaps our teeth whitening treatments are what you need. If your teeth are stained or discoloured, either naturally or due to the consumption of coffee, red wine, tea, or even some medications, we offer two ways to whiten them. You can choose to have whitening carried out here at the clinic in about an hour, or more gradually, at home, over a couple of weeks.

Porcelain veneers are a great way to upgrade chipped, broken, worn, gappy or mildly misaligned teeth. Our veneers will so closely match your own natural teeth that no one will know you have had them fitted. Or you can have a combination of treatments in what we call a smile makeover.

If you are interested in finding out what your new smile will look like before investing in treatment, why not book a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Manchester?

Check-ups are twice-yearly for a reason

9th January, 2018

In these times of austerity, many people are finding it hard to find the extra money for things beyond the basics that seem to show no immediate rewards. Going to the dentist in Manchester for a check-up can seem like money for nothing compared to food and new school uniforms.

But for you and your kids, regular twice-yearly check-ups with the dentist in Manchester can prevent having to shell out much larger sums of money in the future. They can also prevent a lot of hassle and discomfort.

Dentist in ManchesterWe suggest a twice-yearly check-up as the right timing for nearly all our patients because this is how long it can take for decay or gum disease to show up in its early stages. Leave either of them much longer and they can progress to late stages of each disease, and getting rid of them can require more intensive and invasive procedures. It can also result in teeth being lost either now or later down the line.


What happens to teeth with decay if it’s not spotted early? Early decay is usually fixed with a small filling, leaving most of the tooth material intact and the tooth pretty much as strong as ever. But the more material that needs to be removed, the more the tooth will be weakened. A small filling will become a large one. If too much of the tooth is lost, it may need to be covered with a crown. If the decay is not caught in time and it progresses to infection of the pulp (the inner core of the tooth), and you will have to have root canal therapy. You may get an abscess, which is an incredibly painful infection that will have to be drained of pus. You may even lose your tooth.

Gum disease

This is caused by acid from the bacteria in plaque. It inflames and irritates the gums and at a more advanced, and difficult to treat, stage, also the gum. Teeth can loosen and fall out.

With either problem, you may end up seeing the dentist in Manchester for replacement teeth instead of for a check-up.


28th December, 2017

Researchers are increasingly turning to Nature to find solutions to problems. Plants and animals have had millions of years to come up with adaptations to their environments and needs that are just amazing. So, why would anyone think that artificial human teeth could ever be as good as natural teeth if they don’t mimic what Nature has already found out is the best way to get teeth to work well – by embedding them in the jawbone.

Dental Implants in ManchesterThis is why at Smylife in Manchester, dental implants are, we think, the best way to replace lost human teeth. They are the only method of restoring teeth that replaces the root of the tooth as well as the crown. The root is the anchor for the crown. It’s what gives it the stability to crush up food using forces of up to 97kg or 200lbs in men.

By having the roots replaced with dental implants in Manchester, people get full functionality of their teeth back. They can chew, smile, talk, laugh and speak as before. There is no extra material in their mouths, as there is with dentures, to get food stuck in. The implants do not damage neighbouring healthy teeth, as bridges do.

A healthy jaw

But tooth roots do more than stabilise teeth. They also keep the jawbone strong and dense and youthful-looking. In Manchester, dental implants fulfil this function too. As they are embedded into the bone, they act as transmitters for all the tiny tremors created when the teeth come together during eating and talking. These tremors tell the bone that it is still in use and so it renews itself. As soon as those signals stop, the bone doesn’t just stop renewing itself, it actively resorbs itself, becoming dramatically smaller and less dense. The chin gets closer to the nose and the cheeks sag inwards. Bridges and dentures cannot fulfil even part of this function (as they can with chewing) because they rest on the gum.

By mimicking teeth so much more closely than traditional replacement methods, dental implants in Manchester provide as much function as healthy natural teeth. Come in for a consultation to find out how they could change your life.

We’ve got what it takes

26th December, 2017

What are you looking for in a dentist in Manchester? Most people want a dental practice where they can trust that they will receive top-quality care for a good price from a skilled and experienced dentist. In Manchester, we believe you will find all of that and more from us at Smylife.

Located in the centre of the city in Pall Mall, M2, we are a dentist in Manchester with a difference.

Dentist in ManchesterOur dental team

We believe in teamwork and we like to provide as many disciplines in dentistry as we can under one roof. This means that you may not see the same dentist every time you visit us, but you will see the dentist with the skills and experience most suited to your needs. In fact, we have assembled such a great team here that more than 500 general dentists in smaller dental practices across the country refer their patients to us.

Don’t worry, however. You won’t get lost in the system. We have treatment co-ordinators to make sure your treatment runs smoothly and that you receive that personal touch.

What does that look like?

When you come to us, we will thoroughly assess your needs and talk them over with you before drawing up a careful plan for your treatment. This will include a schedule of appointments and estimated costs.

Ways to pay

If you would like to spread the cost of your treatment, we have a range of ways you can do so, including interest-free credit (subject to status).

What about being scared?

If you put off coming to the dentist in Manchester because of fear, then don’t worry, you are not the only one, by a long stretch. We want to make your time in the dentist’s chair as easy as possible and that’s why we offer either oral or intravenous sedation to our nervous patients.

What about infection?

At Smylife, we use modern techniques and equipment and make sure we comply with all the current regulations for cross-infection control.

What now?

If you want to find out more about Smylife, why not come in for a free initial consultation? We think you’ll find we’re the dentist in Manchester for you.

Life beyond missing teeth

21st December, 2017

Losing your teeth creates gaps in your mouth but can also leave something missing from your life as well. If you have lost teeth or are coping with dentures, you will know that everyday activities such as eating can be difficult or uncomfortable. Aside from the practical considerations, many people feel self-conscious about not having a full set of teeth and it can really affect their self-esteem. For our patients at Smylife in Manchester, dental implants are a stable, permanent solution that restore their appearance and quality of life.

Dental Implants in ManchesterHow do dental implants in Manchester work?

The implants are carefully designed metal screws that are fitted into the jaw during a minor surgical procedure, carried out under local anaesthetic. They are hidden beneath the gum and held in place by the bones and blood vessels meshing around them. When they are stable, they can be used as a secure base for a single replacement tooth, several teeth or a whole set of dentures. This means that you no longer have to worry about dentures coming loose or having to clean removeable appliances. For our patients in Manchester, dental implants have changed their lives. They function just like natural tooth roots and, apart from regular care, you can forget that you have them.

What are the advantages?

When you choose to have dental implants in Manchester with us, you will benefit from our SmyOne system, which uses digital technology to accurately plan, create and place your replacement teeth. This means that you can look forward to a new smile that looks great and a mouth that functions well. When your implants are in place, you can once again choose the nourishing foods you like. Another major advantage is that implants stimulate the bones of the jaw in the same way as natural teeth. This keeps the bone tissues healthy, stopping them from shrinking as they do if you have gaps or use dentures and there is no virbration being transmitted nto the bone via the roots of the teeth.

To help restore your quality of life and overall wellbeing, you may like to consider exploring how having dental implants in Manchester could benefit you.

A force for good

19th December, 2017

If you would like to have a nicer smile but think it would be self-indulgent to spend money on going to the cosmetic dentist in Manchester, perhaps you need to reframe your ideas.

These days, it is all about having a great smile. Lots of people are investing in trips to the cosmetic dentist in Manchester to sort out their less than white teeth, their chips and cracks, twists and leans. And aren’t you glad they did? When you meet someone for the first time, isn’t their smile one of the first things you notice about them? Well, they’re noticing your smile too.

Cosmetic Dentist in ManchesterWhen you walk down the road and a passing stranger gives you a big friendly smile as they walk by, don’t you feel warmer and happier for it? That’s how much a smile can affect someone. So why not make yours a force for good as you go about your day, rather than something you supress because it doesn’t look that great.

A variety of treatments

When you use Smylife as your cosmetic dentist in Manchester, we will be able to suggest treatments that, used singly or in combination, will bring out the natural beauty of your smile. Even if all you have is one or two tiny imperfections, if they stop you feeling great about your smile, and therefore using it to its fullest, you are missing out on what your smile is for.

Our treatments include whitening, veneers, gum alignment and braces. We also do dental implants, which replace lost teeth.

When you get your smile improved with us, you will find that not only does your smile brighten other people’s day, it brightens your own also. This is because a good cracking smile releases the body’s natural feel-good chemical, serotonin. You need this in your body in order to feel happy. So, smiling is your own natural antidepressant and the more you use it, the happier you feel and the more people warm to you, smoothing your path through life. So, go on, spend that money on getting a lovely smile and do us all, including yourself, a favour!

A range of services

14th December, 2017

Finding the right Manchester dentist is an important decision as he or she will provide care, no matter what life brings. We offer a full range of services from dental hygiene procedures and checking the health of teeth through to emergency care and cosmetic work using our technologically advanced SmyDesign digital software to plan your dream smile.

It is vital to prioritise regular check-ups and preventive work, but your mouth is about so much more than healthy teeth and gums. If you love your smile, you are more likely to feel confident and be able to live your life to the full.

Dentist in ManchesterAt Smylife, we offer a range of corrective treatments so, when you use us as your Manchester dentist, we can help you to improve your smile. Procedures such as veneers and whitening, as well as aesthetically pleasing replacements, can all give you a smile to be proud of.

Care to suit you

The services we provide are carried out using the latest technologies as well as a sympathetic approach. Our team receive regular training in all of the procedures and have modern equipment as well as some techniques which only we use. So, when you see us as your dentist in Manchester, you benefit from something a bit different. We are also proud to have our own ceramicist, who provides us with beautifully crafted crowns, veneers and restorations. You may receive treatment from several different members of the team but, for you, the process is seamless as a co-ordinator oversees the whole experience from start to finish. This means that you can take advantage of a range of procedures provided by different individuals within the team and receive exactly the care you need.

Care for every need

While most people might expect their Manchester dentist to provide fillings, advice on dental hygiene and support with maintaining strong gums, they may not know that we offer assistance with other issues. These could include ensuring fresh breath and mouth cancer screening. So, whether you have a great smile and want to keep it that way, hope to enhance your appearance, need help to improve your dental health or have an emergency, we are here for you as your Manchester dentist.

A firm foundation for your new smile

12th December, 2017

Coming to the decision to get your smile fixed can take a while. Often it can take some time before people are willing to go down the cosmetic dentistry route because they mistakenly believe that having a great smile is only self-indulgence, whereas it can actually have a major impact on mental wellbeing and physical health.

You need to mull over how you would like to look, and find out what treatments are best for your issues. When you come to Smylife for a smile makeover consultation, we may suggest that, instead of dentures or a bridge, you have dental implants to replace missing teeth. In Manchester, dental implants have become most people’s first choice for replacing teeth, and it’s easy to see why.

Dental Implants in ManchesterDental implants versus dentures and bridges

The main difference between dental implants and dentures or bridges is that implants are fixed directly into the jawbone, replacing the root of the tooth as well as the crown. With dentures and bridges, the roots are not replaced and the crowns hover over or rest on the gums. Denture wearers are routinely told they will have to eat more or less only cooked foods from now because dentures only have about a quarter of the chewing power of natural teeth. Bridges get their stability from resting on adjacent healthy teeth, which are ground down to support the bridge and can never be used as teeth in their own right again.

You can avoid all this with dental implants in Manchester. Implants are titanium posts that integrate with the jawbone to become as good at biting and chewing as healthy, natural teeth. They have a high success rate of 98% and once in place should never need to be replaced. Because they integrate with the bone, dental implants never become loose, so it’s possible to forget they are even there.

This is far more satisfactory than having to cope with wobbles and whistles, removal for cleaning and having acrylic covering the roof of your mouth, stopping you from tasting your food.

Come and find out how using dental implants in Manchester as part of your smile makeover could be the best choice you make this year. We’d love to show you how great they are.

Enhancing smiles

30th November, 2017

Many people improve the aesthetic appeal of their teeth by visiting a cosmetic dentist. In Manchester, Smylife provide a variety of treatments that will make your teeth whiter and your smile brighter. Even a simple treatment can have a big positive effect on your appearance and the way you feel about it.

Reasons to visit the cosmetic dentist in Manchester

Cosmetic Dentist in ManchesterThere are several reasons your teeth might develop a disappointing appearance. One of the most common is discolouration. This is a process that can occur very slowly over many years. Food and drink can leave traces of colour behind on your teeth, and despite your best tooth-brushing intentions, these traces of colour can turn into unsightly stains. Our teeth-whitening treatments will remove these stains, and apply a bright whiteness to your teeth’s enamel surfaces. The procedure can often be carried out in the comfort of your own home, with a final visit to the dental practice for a professional finish.

The shape of your teeth might be a cause for concern. They might have bits missing from their edges, or gaps where they ought to meet. For problems like these, dental veneers are a solution. A veneer is a thin and strong segment of porcelain or composite material, securely bonded to the tooth with a powerful adhesive. A set of these veneers will give your teeth a clean and orderly appearance.

Long-term changes

Another reason people visit the cosmetic dentist in Manchester is to improve the positioning of their teeth. Crowded smiles, crooked grins, and front teeth that stick out can all be rectified by modern realignment treatments. Contemporary braces and aligners are often made of transparent or tooth-coloured materials, minimising embarrassment for the patient. The duration of treatment can sometimes be surprisingly short, and the results can enhance oral health as well as dental appearance.

Considering the patient

Treatment by a Manchester cosmetic dentist can change your overall self-image as well as the way you look. If there’s a combination of dental features you want to change for the better, you and your dentist can plan a smile makeover that will transform your appearance.

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