Treatment to suit you

16th November, 2017

Smylife, your trusted dentist in Manchester, is dedicated to a personal approach. From restoring and maintaining oral health to enhancing your appearance, our professional team can provide all the procedures you need for a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. We know that a happy smile comes from good oral care as well as cosmetic work, and our attention to meeting your individual needs means that you get the results you want. Our experienced team at this dentist in Manchester is trusted by our patients to deliver caring dental treatment as well as advanced cosmetic dentistry and restorative procedures. We pride ourselves on a personal approach so you feel welcomed and supported from the moment you meet our receptionist until your treatment is finished.

Dentist in ManchesterYour smile in safe hands

Your smile is your way of communicating with the world. It reflects how healthy your mouth is and indicates how well you enjoy life. As a respected Manchester dentist, we are committed to providing you with optimal dental care while remembering that how you look and feel about yourself can make a big difference to your life. Advanced technology, combined with the knowledge of our team, allows you to explore a whole range of possibilities. You will be inspired by how our smile design service can give you a brand new, natural look.

Customer care

At our beautiful clinic in Manchester, dentist services are provided with your outcomes in mind. We provide an initial free consultation during which we carefully assess your dental needs, discuss them with you and provide you with a treatment plan. This enables you to consider the best way forward. We also provide an estimation of fees alongside a variety of payment options to suit your circumstances. Our treatment co-ordinator oversees the whole process so that you always have a point of contact with a friendly, knowledgeable professional. We aim to provide an environment that is comfortable and reassuring but, if you are still nervous, there are various options including sedation.

Do get in touch with us and see why so many people rely on us as their Manchester dentist. Experience the modern comfortable environment of our clinic and the commitment of our team for yourself.

Smile again

14th November, 2017

Do you need to replace one or more decayed, damaged, or missing teeth? Smylife can help. Since their introduction in the 1980s, dental implants in Manchester have quickly become one of the most innovative restorative options for reclaiming good dental health and wellbeing. That’s because the metal implant posts used in implant dentistry are made from biocompatible metals and act like just like your natural tooth roots.

Dental Implants in ManchesterThe number of implants our patient will receive during treatment depends entirely on the number of teeth that need to be restored. Some of our patients may only need a single implant to restore a tooth. Some patients who need to replace several teeth – or even a full upper or lower arch – will need a few dental implants to secure their brand-new prosthetic, but, fortunately will not need a dental implant for each individual tooth.

Two-stage dental implants in Manchester

One of our most popular options for dental implants in Manchester has two phases. In the first phase, our dental surgeon will place one or more implant posts just below the gum line. During the recovery period that follows, this implant will form a natural bond to your jawbone. This process may take a few months, but once it’s complete, you’ll be ready for the second phase of your dental implants in Manchester. During the second phase, you’ll return to see us at Smylife to have your new prosthetic attached. Once your prosthetic has been attached, you can look forward to enjoying natural functionality and appearance for many years to come.

Are they right for me?

For anyone considering dental implants, getting an answer to this question is very important. Many of our patients are perfect candidates for dental implants. Others, however, aren’t so lucky. During a special consultation with your dentist, we can help you determine whether implant dentistry really is the right solution for you. If it’s not, a bone grafting procedure may make you a viable candidate. We can also talk to you about alternative solutions to improve your appearance and functionality.

Schedule your consultation with us today. We always look forward to helping our patients smile with confidence.

Modern care for oral health

26th October, 2017

If you’re looking for a dentist in Manchester, the Smylife practice offers comfortable surroundings in a city centre location. Our team of friendly dental professionals will provide reassuring care using up-to-date techniques and contemporary information. We offer a free initial consultation to help you decide which treatments you’d like.

Reasons to go to the dentist in Manchester

Dentist in ManchesterWe can make long-lasting improvements to your oral health. At regular check-ups, we’ll make sure there are no signs of any problems, from gum disease to oral cancer, that may be too subtle for you to detect at home. We get to know you as a patient, so that we can deliver our care in the most appropriate manner. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments will improve your smile. We can repair damaged teeth with effective materials, and replace missing teeth with durable implants. We know that good oral health is a sign of good overall health.

What does treatment involve?

As your Manchester dentist, we’ll treat existing conditions with dedication and precision. Our range of tooth realignment solutions can give you straighter teeth without attracting unwanted attention to your treatment. This is because we use modern dental braces that take your feelings into account. A set of dental veneers can bring a neat appearance back to teeth that have been chipped. We do this by using powerful bonding agents to affix thin segments of strong material to your teeth. Dental implants will enable you to bite into your food like you used to do with the teeth you’ve lost. Their titanium foundations integrate with the jawbone, to provide you with a stable base that can last for the rest of your life.


We have several thousand patients, and believe they ought to be able to get the treatment they need at the time they need it. A range of financial options is available, so that you can reduce the financial impact of visiting the dentist in Manchester. There’s no need to plunder your savings, or wait to build up a lump sum while your dental problems continue. Each treatment is based on detailed assessment, and delivered according to a personalised plan.

Stable and functional replacement teeth

24th October, 2017

At Smylife in Manchester, dental implants are available for most varieties of tooth loss. We can replace a whole set of teeth that have deteriorated over the years, or just a single tooth you might have had knocked out in a sporting accident. Whatever your particular needs, we will give you replacement teeth that look natural, feel great, and could last for the rest of your life.

The problems of missing teeth

Dental Implants in ManchesterMissing teeth can leave gaps in your smile that make you reluctant to show your mouth when posing for photos. This can have a long-term effect on your overall social confidence. The loss of several teeth can lead to bone deterioration, which can weaken your jawbone, and cause your face to appear sunken. Having dental implants in Manchester will significantly improve these problems, enhancing your dental function while improving your appearance.

Stages of the procedure

Your treatment will begin with an in-depth conversation at our friendly dental practice. We’ll get to know your dental history, and talk you through the details of the treatment. It’s important that you have good enough oral health and sufficient jawbone density to receive the implants.

We’ll take some detailed images of your teeth so that we can precisely plan the treatment to be as effective as possible. Then you’ll undergo the minor surgical procedure, in which the dentist will place small titanium posts into your jawbone. You’ll return to the practice, after a period of healing, to have the replacement teeth securely attached to the posts.

Long-term advantages

Your jawbone will form a secure bond with the implanted titanium, in a process called osseointegration. This stable foundation enables you to bite into your favourite foods like you did with your natural teeth. You won’t have to always opt for the mushy foods that are a feature of life with removable dentures in Manchester. Dental implants will remain in your mouth for many decades, provided you care for them properly. They can make some aspects of speaking easier, and there’s no chance of them falling out of your mouth during dinner. Contact Smylife today, to find out how having dental implants in Manchester can improve your quality of life.

Everything you need in a dentist

19th October, 2017

If you’ve just arrived in the big, exciting city of Manchester – maybe you are a student, or have moved here for a new job – don’t forget to sort yourself out a new dental practice. If you appreciate excellence in all things, then we think Smylife could well be the dentist in Manchester for you.

Here’s why we think we’re right up your street:

We are registered

Dentist in ManchesterIt goes without saying – except it doesn’t because it’s vitally important –that we are registered with the Quality Care Commission. Also, every one of our staff who gives treatments is registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). The GDC is the governing body of UK dentists. You can find all our GDC numbers on our website profiles, so you can check us out on the GDC website.

We are qualified

With Smylife Manchester dentist you can rest that they have successfully completed five years undergraduate training. As well as that, we all undertake continuous professional development. It’s important that we are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and equipment, so that we can give you great treatment.

We are lovely

Many people find visiting the dentist to be a bit daunting, and they can feel very vulnerable lying back in a chair with their mouth open. That’s why we make sure we treat you in such a way that you can relax and trust us. We will always treat you with friendliness and respect, and take the time to explain to you exactly what your problems are, and what treatment options are available. We want you to be able to make the right dental treatment choices for you.

We also promise to always provide you with a clear, written treatment plan, and to be open and transparent about our pricing, so that you don’t get any nasty shocks when it comes to paying.

We will take good care of you

If you are especially nervous, we have dentists who have received special training in helping you relax. They are also very good with kids.

Our clinic is great

This Manchester dentist operates in an immaculately clean environment, with modern equipment. Please feel free to pop in and check us out.

Are you a Beauty or a Beast?

17th October, 2017

Have you ever been chatting away with someone only to realise that they are not really giving you their full attention because they are surreptitiously checking out your teeth?

Or maybe people have openly commented about a dental imperfection of yours – a crack, a chip, some staining, the way your teeth stick out, in or overlap? Your own self-consciousness, and realising you are not imagining that people have noticed your teeth, can bring you to the point where you don’t want to open your mouth anymore, let alone smile a big beaming smile. And that’s not good because if you don’t smile, depression can set in. Yes, you need to be able to smile in order to release the serotonin that we require to feel happy.

Cosmetic Dentist in ManchesterWe’re here to help

You may not be hiding away at home like the poor beast in Beauty and the Beast, but if you are self-conscious about your unattractive smile, you may have stopped smiling or you may hold your hand over your mouth when you smile. Do not despair. In Manchester, our cosmetic dentist can transform your smile into that of Beauty rather than the Beast. Being a cosmetic dentist in Manchester doesn’t stop us pursuing excellence in continuing professional development around the world to study with the best teachers.

When you come in to see us at our practice in Pall Mall, we will be able to make some great suggestions for treatments that can transform your smile into a thing of natural beauty. Our skills as a cosmetic dentist in Manchester cover a range of treatments that focus on the visual aspect of your smile rather than oral health, but many of these can actually make it easier to maintain oral health too. This especially relates to misaligned teeth, which can be harder to keep clean as their have more crannies in which dental plaque can build up, leading to tooth decay.

We cover everything from teeth whitening to a full smile makeover, which combines several treatments to great effect.

Come and find out what we can do for you.

Instant implants

12th October, 2017

Having a smile makeover can transform people’s lives, especially if you have been living with a less than perfect, maybe even downright grim, smile for quite a while. Having a great smile gives you back your self-confidence, and with your most important non-verbal communication tool back at full capacity, you will be amazed at how life just seems to get smoother as people respond with equal warmth and friendliness to your warm, friendly grin.

Sometimes part of having a smile makeover is getting teeth extracted and replaced, or even just replaced. If you have lost, or are losing teeth at the front of your mouth, you may be wondering which method to use to replace them. At Smylife, we believe that dental implants in Manchester are the best way to go.

Dental Implants in ManchesterThe advantages of dental implants

The reason we are such big fans of dental implants in Manchester is that they give you back the full functionality of your teeth. You will be able to bite into your food, no matter how crunchy, chewy or sticky it is, without fear of dislodging or breaking your artificial teeth. If you have been without some functioning teeth for a while, you may be longing to once again be able to bite into a crunchy fresh apple.

When we fit dental implants in Manchester as part of our smile makeovers, we carefully plan how and where to place them, using our exclusive SmyOne 3D Planning Centre. This computer programme allows us to decide exactly where to put the implants and at what angles, so that they provide great support and will best integrate with your jawbone.

In fact, the SmyOne planning system is so good that we can often create the crowns in advance. This means that we can attach them to the newly-inserted implant roots right there and then, saving you from having to come back for another appointment. You leave with your new teeth. The crowns are created to blend in with your natural teeth in size, shape and colour.

A single implant can support up to three teeth, and we can also use them to support whole arches and even to stabilise dentures.

Now and forever

10th October, 2017

What most of us are looking for in our relationship with our dentist in Manchester is to feel safe, relaxed, and able to trust that we can get all our needs met. We want a dental practice that can satisfy all our dental requirements, and our family’s too, so that we don’t have to worry about going through the long process of finding and getting to trust another dentist.

We want to know that when we go to our dentist in Manchester, any advice they give us will be for our benefit and not because our dentist needs to make money. Have you ever wondered if you really needed that filling that seemed to cost you the earth?

Dentist in ManchesterCaring and responsible care

At Smylife, our aim is to make sure that you get the best dental treatment at prices you can afford. We are a multidisciplinary practice with highly trained and experience dentists in every area.

All of our team has been trained to make you feel welcome and taken care of when you are with us, whatever your issues. Each of us is here to ensure that you and your family get the smile of your dreams. We even have our own ceramic studio, which can really speed up things like veneers and crowns.

However, you cannot have the smile of your dreams if your oral health is not at optimum levels, so our priority is to make sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. Only then will we consider cosmetic dentistry treatments.

And, when it comes to giving you treatments, whether they are aimed at oral health or oral beauty, you will be receiving treatments using up-to-date techniques, knowledge and equipment. For example, we use the pinhole surgical technique to treat gum recession. This is the latest advance in an area where previously the only treatments available were skin grafts and sutures.

When you need treatment from your dentist in Manchester, we want you to be able to afford to pay for it in a way that suits your cash flow, which is why we also offer attractive financial packages. To find out more, why not call in and meet the team?

A smiley future ahead

28th September, 2017

While flaws in your teeth may go unnoticed by others, you will often be your harshest critic. The idea of feeling content with your smile may seem out of reach if you have misaligned, misshapen or missing teeth. However, cosmetic dentistry involves a variety of treatments designed solely for you to achieve your perfect smile.

At Smylife, our cosmetic dentist in Manchester wants nothing more than for you to feel confident with your smile. Having to feel like you constantly need to keep your smile a secret should not be an option. Instead, you could consider a treatment that enhances the beauty of your smile, moving you past those days of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

Cosmetic Dentist in ManchesterGoing off track

Perhaps your crooked teeth or cross bite is preventing you from smiling and laughing, but you’d rather not go through a lengthy treatment involving metal braces. In that case, we provide clear alternatives to traditional braces, allowing you to go about your lifestyle without much interruption at all. People may even wonder how your perfect teeth appeared from nowhere.

Replacing teeth

If you have struggled with tooth loss, then it might be that the gaps in your teeth have taken away your full smile. At our cosmetic dentist in Manchester, we recommend dental implants to patients who wish to replace their missing teeth. While the thought of this procedure can be daunting for some, we deliver professional dentistry that ensures both your comfort and happiness.

Frame your smile

If you’re considering gum alignment at a cosmetic dentist in Manchester, Smylife provides this treatment to enhance the framework of your teeth. By focusing on the appearance and health of your gums, one of our experienced dentists can contour your gums so that you no longer have to deal with a gummy smile and the appearance of short, stubby teeth.

Lightening up

It’s not uncommon for your teeth to darken and get more yellow with age. Teeth whitening treatment whitens your teeth to brighten your smile for the future.

If you are searching for a cosmetic dentist in Manchester, book an appointment with Smylife and start the journey to your perfect smile.

Beautiful as well as healthy

26th September, 2017

Nowadays it is not always enough to have healthy teeth. For many of us, it is also very important to have teeth that line up well, are a good colour and harmonise with our gums to create a really great smile.

The cosmetic dentist in Manchester at Smylife can help you achieve your perfect smile with a variety of treatments from teeth whitening, veneers and cosmetic bonding, to braces and gum contouring.

Such treatments used to be available only to the rich and famous, but now you can have them too. In fact, anyone can, but will they look right? It is important to remember that cosmetic dentistry is not just about knowing how to do a treatment. It is also very much about knowing how to make that treatment look right on the patient, so that they leave with a beautiful smile that is also natural looking.

Cosmetic Dentist in ManchesterNo one wants to go to a cosmetic dentist in Manchester and spend a lot of money only to be given a smile where the teeth are too big, the wrong shape, out of ratio with the gums and the size of the bite, or just too white to have ever been natural.

Art and science

At Smylife, we pride ourselves on our artistry as well as our dental skills. We will be able to give you the advice you need to ensure that you will be delighted with your new smile. It will look natural, beautiful and functional. After all, we need our smiles to eat, laugh and speak clearly with.

If you have teeth that have seen better days and are now cracked, chipped or worn at the edges, we will recommend either veneers or cosmetic bonding. Veneers are porcelain sheaths that are made in the lab and fixed over the fronts of the teeth. Cosmetic bonding is porcelain composite that is sculpted over the teeth by the dentist. The latter is more suitable for the biting front teeth. Both instantly cover imperfections, and, if looked after, can last for more than 10 years.

Come in and find out how our cosmetic dentist in Manchester can help you.

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