I would like to say a huge big thank you to all the Team at Smylife for their work and support. I have had crooked problem teeth since a child due to a long time fear of dentists from a bad childhood experience. This resulted in many years hopping from one dentist to another with none of them being able to provide the care and attention my gums and teeth required plus constantly fobbing me off when I asked for help to fix my crooked smile. With the expert help of José and Nina my gum problems have made a huge improvement and with Andy’s amazing dentistry magic I now have a smile to be proud of. I feel I am in good hands with Smylife and I am recommending you to everyone who says ‘Where did you get that smile?



Gary attended the practice with very worn upper and lower teeth caused by a grinding habit.

The teeth were prepared to receive full crowns. Temporary crowns were fitted during construction of the crowns to restore function and also test the new proposed shape.

I had known for a long time that I needed to do something about my worn teeth before they deteriorated even further. Having the treatment has made me smile again.



Sue Baker, 48, from London is thrilled with her new smile. Sue had her 6 upper front teeth done with a mixture of crowns and veneers.

I went to Smylife after my brother-in-law John Hart had his done there. I was so impressed with his new smile that I looked at my rather small, discoloured teeth, (I grind them at night!) and felt I wanted to improve my appearance. I went to Manchester on the Tuesday and had all the prep work done, By Thursday I was on my way back to the London suburbs with my fantastic new smile and real confidence in the way I looked.

All my friends were amazed by the change in my appearance. The clinic was really modern with “state of the art” equipment and everyone was so friendly and reassuring, not at all intimidating. I felt in control of the whole process and they put no pressure on me to do more work than I could afford. They explained what I could have done within the budget I had and made me feel at ease with the whole procedure. I am delighted to have the chance to praise them and the clinic for the truly professional service they gave me.



Karen Jowle, 39, from Royton, always hated the caps on her front teeth and after years of being ignored by her own dentist decided to do something about it.

Karen had a mixture of crowns and veneers to 10 of her top teeth plus veneers on four front bottom teeth.

My teeth had always bothered me but I suppose I had always been a little apprehensive about having more work done on them after the previous caps looked so bad. However, my whole experience with Smylife was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. When I walked into the practice I couldn’t believe how lovely the place was and the friendly staff immediately made me feel at ease. I was offered a host of refreshments and was made to feel so comfortable that it really didn’t feel like I was at the dentist!

My dentist, Mr. Broughton was brilliant, there was no pressure and he talked me through absolutely everything. The whole process was made very easy for me and I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. If I was worried about something I could just ring up and the staff were more than happy to answer any queries and put my mind at rest. The results were just amazing and have really changed my life. In fact I was so pleased with my whole experience that I recommended Smylife to a friend and she is now another happy patient.



Mary Quinn, from Cumbria broke down in tears of happiness when her new smile was revealed. Mary, 48, had spent years trying to find a dentist who could tackle her problem teeth.

At Smylife, Mary had six front teeth veneered to close a large gap plus some gum work.

I had a very big gap in my front teeth that I hated. Other dentists had told me there was nothing they could really do that would be permanent or really improve things. I was so upset, I would hide my mouth away from people I met for the first time and was so embarrassed I did not even want to be in the photographs for my son’s wedding.

I found Smylife on the web and phoned them up. They were so friendly so I arranged to visit the practice. Immediately the team assured me they could transform my smile. I was so relieved. A little bit nervous but they made me feel calm. It took about five hours in total to change my life completely. My husband and I both burst into tears when we saw the finished results. I was so shocked. It has transformed my life and I am so much more confident now, so much so that I can’t stop smiling. I am saving up to have my bottom teeth done now and have recommended Smylife to all my friends and family. I cannot speak highly enough of the team and service that I received.



David Donnelly, 46, leads a busy trans-atlantic lifestyle, spending time between Manchester and Miami.

David had a full set of veneers on 12 top and bottom teeth.

I knew I needed to get my smile improved, after all working in sales means first impressions really count. I had no idea where to go but found Smylife in a very fashionable area of Manchester. The minute I walked in I knew it was right, ultra-fashionable with really friendly staff. The fact that I wanted my smile improving for cosmetic reasons rather than medical did not appear to faze them at all. I completely put my trust in the team. They treated me in a very professional caring way and also considered my busy schedule. I had a full set of veneers on my 12 top teeth and followed this up two weeks later with my bottom teeth. I am delighted and have so much more self-confidence. The biggest compliment I would say came from a fishing pal of mine in Miami, a retired dentist who was raving about my new smile. The look is really very natural and not a great big Yankee smile!