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With so many dental practices and practitioners in Manchester, deciding who to go to can be rather difficult. How do you know who will take care of your needs best? Who do you go to for a better smile? Here at Smylife, we answer that with two words – quality and technology.

Smylife is a completely new concept in Dental Health, combining some of the very best dental clinicians with the world’s most advanced dental technology. Science is constantly changing which allows us to improve and make the most of everyday advances to bring you the best possible service and experience you deserve.

The newest treatments and in-demand services are all delivered in the most exquisite surroundings; our level of commitment we provide to patients are unlike any other in the dental industry of Manchester.

In addition to advanced general dentistry, Smylife also takes pride in offering the best solutions in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics and restorative dentistry, all delivered by experienced dentists in Manchester. Our main goal is to help patients feel at ease and walk out of the practice smiling and proud.

Smylife presents an exclusive range of treatments and products; for digitally designing smiles (SmyDesign),

immediate dental implants

(SmyOne) and transparent braces (SmySecret), all developed by some of the world’s leading practitioners and cosmetic dentists in Manchester.

Welcome to Smylife.

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I had my last visit for 12mths today after having dental implants done and must say absolutely perfect no pain whatever all through the treatment would highly recommend jose and his team.


Dental Implants in Manchester

Patient, as seen on Google Reviews

I went to Smylife after my brother-in-law John Hart had his done there. I was so impressed with his new smile that I looked at my rather small, discoloured teeth, (I grind them at night!) and felt I wanted to improve my appearance. I went to Manchester on the Tuesday and had all the prep work done, By Thursday I was on my way back to the London suburbs with my fantastic new smile and real confidence in the way I looked.

All my friends were amazed by the change in my appearance. The clinic was really modern with "state of the art" equipment and everyone was so friendly and reassuring, not at all intimidating. I felt in control of the whole process and they put no pressure on me to do more work than I could afford. They explained what I could have done within the budget I had and made me feel at ease with the whole procedure. I am delighted to have the chance to praise them and the clinic for the truly professional service they gave me.

Cosmetic Dentistry Manchester

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