Dental Crowns in Manchester

Smylife’s Advanced Dental Crown Services


Dental Crowns in ManchesterWhen a tooth is mostly filling or heavily broken down, the best option for restoring and protecting the tooth is by placing a dental crown. Traditionally crowns have been made from metal and would have porcelain layered on top.

Because the metal from the dental crown is dark grey generally this would be seen through the porcelain in particular by way of a dark shadow at the gumline. You may have a crown that looks like this already or know someone that does.

The reason that crowns where traditionally made from metal was to provide support for the weak porcelain on top.

At SmyLife, we use the most up to date technologies and materials offering patients in Manchester a stronger, healthier metal free alternative. Not only is this stronger but it actually looks like a natural tooth. Just look at images to see the difference! They are amazing.

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