Dental Dentures in Manchester

Smylife Dentures – False Teeth that Look and Feel Natural


Dentures in ManchesterLosing your teeth can have a massive negative effect on your confidence, and also impact on your quality of life. If you are an existing denture wearer you may already have experienced difficulty enjoying particular foods you used to enjoy. This may be made worse by improperly balanced or overly worn dentures. As well as not being able to enjoy the foods that you used to enjoy your dentures may have been made in a way that makes them look like false teeth. Additionally your teeth provide some of the structure and support that form the shape of your face. When tooth loss occurs it can result in a lack of support, and give you the appearance that you are much older than you actually are. The good news is that our dentures may provide the answer.

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for many years. With advances in dental technology and the use of the latest dental materials, dentures can be made to look and feel like your own natural teeth.

Would you like to have the confidence when you eat to choose whatever you want without having to worry about the nightmare of your dentures working loose or even worse falling out in a public place, now you can. Though some dentures are held in place by their natural suction to your gums (sometimes with the use of a fixative), your dentures may also be attached in place with the use of dental implants. More and more of our patients in Manchester are choosing to have dental implants placed to secure their dentures and give optimum stability.

With great dentures the transformation really can be breathtaking. Quite simply, if you have struggled with badly fitting dentures for years, then our different procedures can provide the solution.