Periodontist in Manchester

Gum Alignment Treatments For Picture-Perfect Smiles


Gum Alignment in ManchesterYour gums are the framework for a picture-perfect smile. Periodontics focuses on the health and treatment of gums and bones, working to correct and prevent damage caused by gingivitis, periodontitis and other gum diseases. Maintaining healthy gums strengthens the foundation of your mouth and facilitates a fabulous smile.

If you are considering dental procedures such as implants or full mouth restoration, you may have to meet with an experienced periodontist. Our world renowned periodontist and implantologist José Zurdo, will work with you to develop a comprehensive dental plan that achieves the healthy smile you deserve. This involves examining the health of your entire mouth, including your gums, to determine if you are the right candidate for certain dental procedures.

A specialist periodontist like José, who understands the relationship between teeth and gums can guide you in the right direction to an improved, healthy smile. José is dedicated to providing patients with the latest and most effective treatment available, while ensuring complete relaxation in the dentist’s chair.

José brings to our team the difference between great and outstanding dentistry. He is an integral part of our smile makeovers working alongside with our outstanding multidisciplinary team.

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