Smyone Dental Service in Manchester

Smyone Dental Implant Services – Your new teeth in just one act!

Smyone in ManchesterThe SmyOne digital implant system means that, in many cases, we can place your dental implants instantly. The system enables us to plan the placement of your implants in the best position from an aesthetic, prosthetic and biological point of view, before implant surgery occurs. It also incorporates computer-guided surgery, ensuring implants are placed in the correct location, at the exact angle and depth at which they were planned.

Using the SmyOne system has several benefits for you as the patient; you won’t need to wait to have your complete implants fitted and will have a new smile straight away. The surgery is precise and minimally invasive, and you’ll need fewer visits to the dentist.

All SmyOne solutions begin with a unique digital plan, allowing the professional to choose the most suitable preference according to each individual case.

Here’s how it works:

Using the SmyDesign 3D Planning Centre, our implant surgeons are able to precisely plan your implants with the aid of the latest generation of software. There are two stages to this planning process: Pre-Surgical Prosthetic Planning and Implantology Planning.
The SmyOne Pilot Guide and Implant Guide maintain the position, inclination and size of your planned implants with the fixture points needed in each case. That means the teeth and mucous membrane are supported, and osseointegration is able to take place for further support.

It’s usually possible to create the implants straight away so they can instantly be fitted in your mouth, so long as there is no reason not to do so. This is all thanks to the pre-surgical prosthetic planning carried out before the implant planning.

If the implants aren’t fitted on the same day, they will be made up according to the records taken following surgery and will be fitted in the following appointment.