Experience your perfect smile! (SmyDesign)

At Smylife we understand that a beautiful mouth is a healthy mouth, and that’s why we are committed to showing our patients how life-changing a beautiful mouth can be. SmyDesign is a revolutionary digital smile design system that enables you to see exactly how your new smile will look right from the outset of treatment. Whatever cosmetic dental procedures you may be considering, from braces to implants, by using SmyDesign your dentist is able to show you exactly what results you’ll get.

The SmyDesign system gives dentists a unique set of tools for diagnosis, digital treatment planning, integrated treatments and clear communication with patients. For you as a patient, the main advantage is that, as well as being able to see the end results before starting treatment, by using 3D diagnostic tests and computer-assisted planning, your dentist will be aware of any issues that could arise, meaning no unexpected surprises once treatment has started. You’ll even have a 3D mock-up to get a true feel of what your new smile will be like.


Here is a step-by-step guide to how the SmyDesign system works:

You need a complete set of photographic and audiovisual records, including x-rays and models, so that each case is individually analysed and planned.
After a complete facial assessment and dental aesthetics analysis, we’ll create both 2D and 3D mock-ups of your smile, showing you what the final result will be.
All the information from the smile design is transferred to 3D images (virtual models) so that your individual anatomy can be studied, and so that a multi-disciplinary team can plan the treatments you require. We’ll check that this planning matches the smile design, then we’ll create a virtual mock-up of your smile.
We send the information from the virtual mock-up to the SmyLab laboratory, where a 3D model is printed and clear casts are created to make a mock-up that can be placed in your mouth.
The best way to test our aesthetic creation is to let you place it in your mouth. You’ll instantly see the positive change this makes to your smile, while we’ll also be able to make any adjustments as necessary, using the mock-up to guide us through the whole treatment process.
We’ll put together a full presentation for you. It includes the initial photographs we took, any clinical discoveries, the smile analysis and the multi-disciplinary treatment plan. It also includes expression photos of you wearing the mock-up.
Using the initial planning stage as reference, with any adjustments carried out to the mock-up in your mouth and any adjustments due to your or your treatment team’s wishes, we carry out a detailed multi-disciplinary 3D plan.
You’re now ready to begin treatment with SmyProducts, whether that’s SmyOne for implantology, SmySecret for orthodontics or SmyLight for aesthetic dental treatment. Using these products in conjunction with SmyDesign means the final result will be exactly as we’ve planned, and you know you’ve got a beautiful new smile to look forward to.