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With such an abundance of dental practices, knowing the difference between them (and which one is right for you) can be confusing. Many dental practices advertise that they are patient-friendly, experienced with nervous patients, and offer dentistry with a unique touch. But how do you know the difference? For many patients, visiting the dentist takes a lot of courage – and we want you to be sure you get it right the first time!

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Why Smylife?

Smylife is a unique dental practice in the heart of Manchester City. With such a dense volume of practices in the area, creating something truly distinctive is a challenge. At Smylife, we answer this challenge with two words – quality and technology. Smylife is a new concept in dental health, combining some of the very best dental clinicians with the most advanced dental technology. Our ever adapting approach to developments in the field of dentistry allows us to remain at the very forefront of the dental industry.

Originally known as ‘The Mall’, Smylife has been established in Manchester for over 15 years, developing over time from a one into a five-surgery dental practice. The environment at Smylife is tranquil, and patients are encouraged to relax and enjoy their time at the clinic in surroundings that resemble a boutique-hotel or spa. Fresh flowers and candles complement the exquisite decor, and patients are provided with complimentary drinks and hand-towels upon arrival. At Smylife, no expense is spared in delivering the very best in patient comfort and care.

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The Team

At Smylife, each of our team members understands the importance of absolute dedication to patient care. With a team of dynamic young professionals, Smylife delivers the patient journey with pride and confidence. As a multidisciplinary practice, each of our clinicians has a special interest in an area of dentistry, providing patients with expert advice. In addition to general dentistry, Smylife takes pride in offering the best solutions in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontic dentistry, restorative dentistry, periodontics, and facial aesthetics.


The Products

Various dental products now litter the market, from Invisalign, to ‘All On 4’ dental implants. At Smylife, we are proud to have produced our own line of dental products, products which are unique to our brand and ethos.



At Smylife, we understand that a beautiful mouth is a healthy mouth, and that’s why we are committed to showing our patients how life-changing a beautiful smile can be. SmyDesign is a revolutionary digital-smile-design system that enables you to see exactly how your new smile will look, before committing to treatment. Whatever cosmetic dental procedure you may be considering (braces, implants, veneers), using the sMyDesign system, our experts are able to demonstrate your results, and involve you in the design of your own smile.

The SmyDesign system gives dentists a unique set of tools for diagnosis, digital treatment planning, integrated treatments, and clear communication with patients. For you as a patient, you benefit from multiple advantages. Using advanced 3D diagnostic tests and computer-assisted planning, your dentist will be aware of any issues that could arise, which allows your treatment to run simply and smoothly. Patients receive a 3D mock-up of their new smile, providing an accurate visual representation of treatment results.



The SmyOne digital implant system means that, in many cases, we can place your dental implants instantly. The system enables us to plan the placement of your implants in the best position from an aesthetic, prosthetic and biological point of view. It also incorporates computer-guided surgery, ensuring implants are placed in the correct location, at the exact angle and depth required. All SmyOne solutions begin with a unique digital plan, allowing the professional to choose the most suitable according to each individual case.

Using the SmyOne system has several benefits for patients, who no longer have to go through several months of implant treatment, but instead receive their new smile in a day. The surgery is precise and minimally invasive, and requires fewer visits to the dentist.



SmySecret is a digital, transparent orthodontic system of near-invisible aligners. SmySecret provides the perfect solution for patients who need orthodontic treatment but don’t want to wear visible braces, and at a fraction of the cost of systems such as leading market brands such as Invisalign. The SmySecret system is endorsed by world-leading orthodontists, such as Professor Doctor David Suárez-Quintanilla.

Like all SmyLife products, SmySecret starts with a unique digital plan, which demonstrates the expected results. Using a bespoke set of SmySecret aligners, this state-of-the-art orthodontic system can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

What Our Patients Say

At Smylife, we believe that the proof is in the pudding, which is why we offer complimentary consultations for any individual who is interested in our practice or services. Our complimentary consultations include an hour with your dedicated treatment coordinator. In this hour, you will meet your treating dentist, who will assess 3 key areas of your mouth: health, function, and cosmetics. Following your dental assessment, you will relax over a drink and discuss all available treatment options with your coordinator.

If you would like to book a complimentary assessment at our Manchester City Centre practice, telephone our front-of-house team on 0161 830 7300.

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