Teeth Whitening in Manchester

SmyWhite – Smylife’s Teeth Whitening Treatment


Teeth Whitening in ManchesterTeeth unfortunately go darker and more yellow with age. This is not only due to the passage of time but also from tea, coffee, red wine and other intensely coloured food and drink. At SmyLife, the leading private dentists in Manchester, tooth whitening techniques have been honed to perfection after over ten years and hundreds of successful cases.

Our ‘Dual whitening technique’, SmyWhite, has been shown to be up to far more effective than “laser teeth whitening” alone, and is guaranteed to make you Smy!

We also provide single visit custom whitening trays. Whereas most dental clinics need two visits for this, our in house technician can make your whitening trays while you wait. We are confident that our teeth whitening system is one of the most effective ways of whitening teeth.

Smy Design in Manchester